Past Group Members

Past PhD Candidates:
1. Eric Isaacs Postdoc at Northwestern (link).
2. Xinyuan Ai Associate at JPMorgan Chase (link).
3. Mordechai Kornbluth Research Scientist at Bosch (link).

Past Postdoctoral Researchers:
1. M.J. Han Associate Professor of Physics at KAIST (link).
2. Hyowon Park Assistant Professor of Physics at University of Illinois at Chicago with a joint appointment at Argonne National Lab. (link).
3. Yue Chen Assistant Professor of Materials at Hong Kong University (link).
4. Pierre Darancet Assistant Scientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory (link).
5. Emanuel Lazar Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania (link).
6. Dalal Kanan visiting Assistant Professor at Fordham University (link).
7. Hanghui Chen Assistant Professor at NYU Shanghai (link).

Past Undergraduates:
1. Long Phan Phd student at University of California Irvine (link).
2. Jennifer Lam Undergraduate student in Computer Science at Columbia (link).
3. Matthew Miecnikowski PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder (link).
4. Rohit Prasanna PhD student at Stanford University (link).
5. Stephen Carr PhD student at Harvard University (link).